Not always welcoming...

Homeowners all over North America and the rest of the world desire the virtues of bringing the outdoors in through inside-outside living. Large door openings are becoming increasingly popular as they converge the environment and the home.

National studies in the U.S. show that people in the Midwest spend more money on outdoor-living products than any other region in the country. Industry experts speculate the reason is because Midwesterners only have six months (at best) a year to enjoy the outdoors. People in the Midwest cherish that time and are willing to invest in products that provide the desired quality of life.

Inside-outside living was once reserved for temperate climates. Not anymore. Improved glass technology and door designs now make it possible to efficiently and comfortably enjoy large door openings, even when Mother Nature does not cooperate.

Doors with thermally-improved aluminum constructions and high-performance glazing allow people to experience the outside in spite of frozen winters or hot and humid summers. The beautiful world outside can now be appreciated in comfort all year long.

Adding extra insulation with a shade will also help keep homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reducing temperature transfers from inside to outside.

Centor 200 Series Door systems feature integrated shades and shades that control sunlight and help reduce uncomfortable glare, while insulating the home against the outside. Centor Integrated Doors offer a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors when the outdoors isn’t perfect.