250 Integrated Fixed-lite

Connect to the beautiful world with the Centor 250 Fixed-lite window. The frameless design offers large expanses of fixed glass, with built-in shades to control glare and provide privacy. Like the fixed panel on the 211 Integrated Sliding Door, the sill meets flush with the glazing for an unobstructed view to outside.

Our 250 Integrated Fixed-lite can be used as a standalone window or alongside Centor Integrated Doors for a seamless aesthetic. 

For inside-outside living without the compromises, the Centor 205 Integrated Fixed-lite incorporates built-in shades to control sunlight and provide privacy. Our shades also enhance the thermal properties of the window, with independent tests showing that the blackout shade improves the U-value by 17% when drawn across the opening.

  • European oak interior in finished and unfinished options. 
  • Aluminium exterior available in a range of standard or custom RAL colours.
  • Engineered to last a lifetime – extrusions are painted after cutting and machining to ensure all surfaces are coated. 
  • Integrated shades are accessible for service or replacement.
  • Double or triple glazing available.
Overall frame width
1030mm - 6060mm*
Visible frame width
810mm - 5840mm
Frame height
1524mm - 2884mm

* 250 Fixed-lite over 4657mm available with a double shade

Fixed lite window diagram

Panel configurations

The Centor 250 Integrated Fixed-lite is available with a single pane or multiple panes. Regardless of the number you specify, each pane must be of equal width.

Your Centor Integrated Dealer can help you decide on maximum pane widths.

Single pane 250 fixed lite window
Multiple pane 250 fixed lite window
Integrated shades

Built into the window frame, our innovative, fully retractable shades are a world-first offering. They allow homeowners to enjoy inside-outside living without the compromises traditionally associated with large openings, including glare and loss of privacy.

Available in two patterns and a range of colours, our light-filtering and blackout shades retract from sight when not is use – which really appealed to Gillian in County Durham: “I didn’t want any curtains in my house, but I wanted the capability to occasionally block the light out and to close the windows off at night.”

Shades for Centor doors are fully retractable into the door frame
Shades for Centor Doors are available in two patterns and a range of colours
Weather tests

The following performance levels were achieved when tested in accordance with BS EN 14351-1:2006.

Air permeability
Class 4
Water tightness
Class 7A
Resistance to wind load
Class A5

The following thermal performance results were achieved in third party testing:

Double glazed: U = 1.5w/m2k

Additionally, where blackout shades are fitted these values are improved by a further 0.2w/m2k.


Architectural details

250 Fixed lite, 280mm sill


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