Centor S2 Insect Screen

The Centor S2 Insect Screen offers insect protection for doors and windows that’s simple to use, operating smoothly with just one hand. As a retractable system, there are no pleats or fixed panels to interrupt the view. The S2 Insect Screen can be paired with single, French and sliding doors or windows in a renovation or new build or retrofitted to existing doors or windows.

  • Pair with doors or windows.
  • Screen configurations:
    • Single: a screen extending from one side of the frame across the entire opening, up to 1300mm wide
    • Double: two screens meeting in the middle up of the opening up to 2600mm wide
  • Compact design – low-profile sill, just 19mm high.
  • Operate the robust screen from any height on the stile.
  • Once installed, the screen mechanism is accessible through the removable covers for simple servicing, repair or cleaning.
  • Charcoal insect mesh made from hard-wearing polyester/PVC, available in standard weave or tight weave.
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty.
Frame width – single
640 - 1300mm
Frame width – double
1200 - 2600mm
Frame height
700 – 3150mm
Simple to use

The S2 Insect Screen operates smoothly with one hand, so even the youngest members of your family can move the screen aside. The clever load-balanced design allows the screen to stay open in any position – no awkward hand-brake required. The screen will not snap shut, allowing for an easy transition from inside to out.

S2 screen conceals the screen within the frame
S2 Screen can be operable by children
Considered design

Importantly for a seasonally used product, the Centor S2 Insect Screen is accessible when needed while remaining hidden when not. This ensures views remain uninterrupted when the screen isn’t in use and it also keeps the mesh cleaner than a fixed screen, while protecting it from damage.

Our S2 Insect Screen complements single, French or sliding doors and many window types, made from wood or aluminium or uPVC. Its compact design, with a sill just 19mm high, allows it to fit with new doors and windows during renovations, extensions or new builds, or to be retrofitted to existing doors and windows.

S2 Screen installed onto a sliding door
Centor S2 Screen silly is only 19mm tall
Easy to install

The clever design of the Centor S2 Insect Screen allows it to be installed on either the inside or outside of the door or window.

Installation is a simple four-step process, with comprehensive instructions included with each order.

S2 screen installation cabling instructions
S2 screen installation cover instructions
S2 Product Details – Double Screen
S2 Product Details – Single Screen
S2 Fastening Locations – Single Screen
S2 Sill Drainage
S2 brochure
S2 installation instructions – P1
S2 installation instructions – P2
S2 installation instructions – Double