345 Folding Door

With its unobtrusive, contemporary design, the Centor 345 Folding Door is the world’s best folding door. Designed to effortlessly connect homeowners with the world outside, all hardware is concealed to remove visual distractions between inside and out, while Centor-grade engineering ensures panels are able to smoothly glide open as soon as the weather allows.

There are many configurations possible with a Centor 345 Folding Door – including 2 panels or 4 panels in one direction, which now have full key access from the outside. Single panels can be folded back a full 180º to create completely clear openings.

Unlike Centor’s 305 Folding Door, the frame of the Centor 345 Folding Door is similar to a standard folding door frame, with 160mm or 130mm wide sill options available. 

  • Aluminium in a range of standard or custom RAL colours.
  • Engineered to last a lifetime – thermally-improved aluminium is painted after cutting and machining to ensure all surfaces are coated. 
  • Hidden hardware, including Access AutoLatch™, AutoLatch™ and concealed hinge.
  • Double or triple glazing available.
Overall frame width
651 - 5840mm
Frame height
1964 - 2861mm
Panel width
575 - 1130mm

Folding Door diagram

Access AutoLatch™

Centor’s latest locking innovation, the Access AutoLatch™, replaces the traditional entrance handle with a concealed version that’s hidden from view in the door stile.

Interior of the Access AutoLatch
The lever is simply lifted to open the doors from the inside. A ‘signifier’ on the face of the panel hints at the lever’s location.
Exterior handle
On the exterior, a slimline vertical pull-handle allows panels to be opened with ease.

The Centor AutoLatch™ is used to close and secure intermediate panels in one movement, with one hand. It is available keyed or non-keyed.

Centor AutoLatch™
Concealed hinge

The concealed hinge on folding doors is hidden from sight within the edge of the door. Not only does it look great, but it also makes the doors tamper-proof for additional security.

The concealed hinge on folding doors is hidden from sight within the edge of the door
Centor's concealed hinge makes the doors tamper-proof for additional security
Weather tests

The following performance levels were achieved when tested in accordance with BS EN 14351-1:2006.

Air permeability
Class 3
Water tightness
Class 7A
Resistance to wind load
Class A3

The following thermal performance results were achieved in third party testing:

Double glazed: U = 1.4w/m2k
Triple glazed: U = 1.2w/m2


Architectural details

345 Folding Outward Opening, 130mm sill
345 Folding Outward Opening, 160mm sill


Centor doors and window brochure
Centor door finishes – aluminium

CE Certificates

340 Series Folding Doors, double glazed, DP-11-001-2018
340 Series Folding Doors, triple glazed, DP-12-001-2018