When they decided to downsize two-and-a-half years ago, Peter and Alison found a 1950s home in Sheffield that perfectly suited their needs. It had been well looked after, so didn’t need a lot of maintenance, and the previous owners had remodeled it to create a two-story Dutch bungalow.

The property had all the space and facilities that Peter and Alison wanted, as well as access to a level and easy-to-maintain garden. That was an important consideration, as Alison explains: “Our previous house sat above the garden, so we had to walk down into it and consequently didn’t use it much at all. Here, we can go straight outside and be part of the garden. That was very much our dream.”

To enable a true inside-outside connection, the couple decided that one change they would make to the property would be to extend the ground floor to the rear creating a garden room. It would allow them to sit and admire their generous garden all year round.

Knowing that they wanted to open up the entire wall of the new extension, they visited many shows in search of the right solution and came across the Centor 211 Integrated Sliding Door.

“We wanted a sliding door rather than a bifold to maximize the views,” says Alison. “It means there’s nothing intruding on either the garden or interior space, and we also wanted to avoid having too many uprights breaking our views to the garden.”

“The integral fly screen was the decider,” says Peter. The house used to have double-swing doors at the rear, which the couple had to close early in the evening to exclude the midges. “We spent a lot of time looking at fly screen options, but nothing came near Centor’s integral style” he says.

"...nothing came
near Centor’s
integral style."