Floor Rolling Frame

Double your Doorway

Centor presents a great upgrade opportunity for patio door OEMs to help homeowners looking to replace XO or OX sliding doors.

Centor's new Floor-rolling Frame combined with the proven F3 Floor-rolling systems, robust TwinPoint Gen2 Lockset and the OEM’s door panels allows traditional 2 panel sliding doors to be removed and new bi-folding doors installed to 'double your doorway'.

Doubling your doorway doubles the access and improves the connection with the outdoor living area.  It more than doubles the airflow to reduce reliance on air-conditioning and provides fresh healthy air.

  • Frame is provided fully machined and finished ready for the panels to be installed
  • Slimline head and sill profiles work with F3 Floor-rolling hardware to remove overhead vertical load.  The frame can be simply installed on existing building structures, even with limited header size.
  • TwinPoint Gen2 Lock is a stylish alternative to surface mounted dropbolts.  Simple to install and use, its elegant central handle operates concealed top and bottom bolts, closing doors in one easy movement.
  • Optional double handles, with an outside key and internal thumbturn, provides convenient and secure external access.
  • Can be installed with Centor’s award winning S2 Insect Screen.  Finger-tip control makes opening and closing child’s play.  Fully retracts when not in use.


"Double your doorway" Standard 6' x 6'-8" frame
Frame Width
71 - 1/2"
Frame Height
79 - 1/2"
Panel width
34 - 1/16"
Panel height
76 - 7/16"
Panel Width
2 panels
(FW - 3.306") / 2
3 panels
(FW - 3.621") / 3
4 panels
(FW - 3.936) / 4
Panel Height
All panels
FH - 3.062"
Note: FW = Frame width | FH = Frame height
Floor Rolling Frame - Animation
Floor Rolling Frame Video
Floor Rolling Door Frame - Technical Document
Floor Rolling Door Frame – 1 ¾” extrusions (CAD - dxf, dwg)
Floor Rolling Door Frame – 2 ¼” extrusions (CAD - dxf, dwg)
Floor Rolling Door Frame - Installation Instructions
Double Your Doorway
Patio Door Upgrade Brochure