We see it as our responsibility to give back to the the beautiful world so it can be enjoyed by generations to come. We have committed to this cause by creating the ‘One door: one tree’ program, meaning we plant one tree for each door that we sell.

The inaugural event, coordinated by Centor’s Timber Manager Doug Sutherland, was focused on restoring bushland at the Eric Duffel Bushland Reserve.

Located 45 minutes south of Brisbane’s CBD, the reserve is part of a large area that is home to a colony of the Australian native marsupial, the Koala. 

While the land is already covered with vegetation, the planting of native Eucalyptus trees ensures the survival of the Koalas by providing sufficient food and shelter. Centor staff volunteers planted 200 Eucalyptus saplings, made up of three different species.

Before joining Centor, Doug was involved in the forestry industry, “I had personally only really been involved with the felling aspect of trees. I wanted to experience forestry and timber production from a brand new perspective.”

The event proved to be so popular among Brisbane Head Office staff that attendee names were drawn from a lottery! The common thread among those who were there on the day was about giving back nature while getting to know one another outside the work place. Senior Team Leader, Scott Gissing commented, “Apart from the importance of putting trees back in the ground, I enjoyed spending time outside the work environment getting to know my colleagues more.” 

As the saplings were planted, the location of each one was plotted with GPS. Each individual coordinate is now the unique serial number of a Centor Integrated Door.

New teams of volunteers will follow up will with watering days to ensure the trees continue to flourish.