Centor S4 Screen

Centor is proud to have been awarded a 'Red Dot: Best of the Best 2019' for the S4 System. This accolade is the highest awarded by the judging panel of one of the world’s largest design competitions and is reserved for the best products in a category.

The S4 Screen (superseding the S1 Screen) enables homeowners with large door openings to enjoy the luxury of inside-outside living without the traditional compromises – insects, glare and loss of privacy. Operating with just a fingertip, Centor’s unique load balancing technology allows screens and blinds to glide smoothly across the whole door opening to effortlessly stop at any desired position. When not in use, the screen or blind retracts discreetly into the frame removing visual distractions to the view outside whilst also protecting it from damage, dust or dirt. This is especially important for a seasonally used product.

  • Pair with new or existing doors or windows.
  • Operates from any height with one hand so the youngest of family members can operate the screen.
  • Screen and blind fabrics are held securely in place by top and bottom tabs, preventing screen blow-out – even in a breeze.
  • The screen and blind are fully retained within the frame on all sides to allow total control of insects, sunlight and privacy. 
  • Screen mesh is available in a choice of different weave styles with no pleats or sliding panels to detract from the view.
  • Luxury blind fabric is available in light-filtering and blackout with a choice of stylish patterns and a range of colours to suit every home.
  • The durable aluminium frame can be powder-coated in any colour for full personalisation.
  • Can be mounted on the inside or outside – drainage holes are added to the sill for externally mounted systems. 
  • Sill cover is quick and easy to remove to make cleaning trouble free.
  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty.
Frame height
With insect mesh
815 - 3200mm
With exterior blind
815 - 3200mm
With interior blind
815 - 3000mm
Frame width*
1015 - 4611mm
1015 - 4676mm
1015 - 9013mm

* Fabric widths are established by fabric thickness. Variations in fabric thickness may mean the maximum width cannot be achieved. In these cases we offer an alternative colour or fabric type or an extended lead time to allow fabric to be resupplied from the mill. All screens over 5910mm in width require frame joiners to support the head and sill.

Please download the S4 dimensions table to learn about the maximum width for the fabric of your choice. For XO and jambless dimensions refer to the product flyer.

S4 Red Dot best of the best
S4 Good Design Award Gold Winner

The S4 Screen and Blind complements large sliding and folding doors. It can be fitted to the inside or outside of the opening so you can maximise inside-outside living to its full potential. 

Screens and blinds are available in a range configurations:

S4 single configuration
A single screen or blind that extends from one side of the frame and covers the full width of the opening.
S4 double
Two screens or shades (in the same fabric option), which meet at any point along the opening.
A combination of two fabric types, with one housed in each side of the frame, such as a screen from the left and a blind from the right.
A single screen that covers a sliding door opening and stops against the door handle. The second jamb is built into the far wall. OX also available.
A single screen that extends from the left side (when viewed from the outside) of the frame to cover the opening with no jamb against the glass corner. Pairs with corner fixed-lite windows. XO also available.
Insect screens

Screen mesh is available in a choice of different weave styles with no pleats or sliding panels to detract from the view:

Standard weave
Standard weave
Keeps insects like moths, flies and mosquitoes outside, while standing the test of time with a durable polyester/PVC mesh construction.
Tight weave
Tight weave
Made from the same durable material as our standard weave but features a smaller aperture to protect homeowners against tiny insects like midges.

Exclusively for S4, S5 and S6, luxury blind fabrics available in light-filtering and blockout with a choice of stylish patterns and a range of colours to suit every home.

Centor shade system - light-filtering
This translucent blind material allows natural light inside while protecting from harsh sun and glare during the day and provides homeowners with a degree of privacy in the evening.
Centor shade system - blackout
Our blockout blind is room-darkening, excluding light and providing complete privacy when drawn.
Centor shade system - sun-filter
Perfect for reducing glare, solar heat gain and fading. Can be fitted internally or externally but a popular choice for outside given its hard-wearing, easy-clean qualities.
Boston, Marshmallow
Boston, Quartz
Boston, Silver
Boston, Monument
Boston, Charcoal
Tuscany, White
Tuscany, Parchment
Tuscany, Eggshell
Tuscany, Ash
Tuscany, Pewter
Mercury, White
Mercury, Snow
Mercury, Silver
Mercury, Ash
Mercury, Steel
Light grey
Light grey
Dark grey
Dark grey
Wood veneer

All S4 systems fitted to the inside of windows and doors are available in a range of wood veneer finishes. 

Surian Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar
Victorian Ash

S4 can be specified for new doors or windows, of any brand or composition; it can also be retrofitted to existing doors. Its 44mm sill height allows S4 to be easily aligned with finished floor level. The system can be easily installed on the inside or outside of the opening. Sill drainage holes are provided for systems positioned on the outside to allow water to flow out of the door drainage. The drainage holes are not visible and won't block holes in the existing door sill.

Centor S4 low profile sill
Centor S4 drainage holes
Care and maintenance

The sill cover is quick and easy to remove making cleaning trouble free and ensuring the continuous performance of your screen for years to come.

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