As an architect, Paul Davis appreciates how small details can combine to create a greater overall impression of a property.

So when it came to choosing folding doors for his own home, he was delighted to discover the forward-thinking features of Centor Integrated Doors – with a groundbreaking design approach that meant he wouldn’t have to compromise on quality at any stage. 
Paul and his wife Fiona bought a 1950s bungalow in Surrey, UK six years ago, purely for its location. The fantastic site offered plenty of potential for them to create a stunning home that combines his architectural expertise with her ability to transform the outside space.

“Fiona is a garden designer, and we were looking for a site we could really do something with,” he explains. “We’ve got a beautiful west-facing view here. The key thing for us was maximizing the outlook over the garden and the landscape beyond. 

Paul Davis