With the goal of building a dream family home for herself, her husband and her two young children, Jody set out to renovate a tired, brick home in a prime waterfront location on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. While she had built a new home in the past, this was Jody’s first renovation project, which she took a hands-on approach to. “I’ve been very involved. I’ve been the project manager as my husband keeps telling me,” said Jody. 

Her husband, Ray, is an engineer and his brother, Tony, a builder who worked on the 30 year-old home over the eight-month long renovation to bring it into the 21st Century. 

The home was completely transformed with walls removed and the floor plan changed as large windows and doors were added to let in light and capitalize on the views. Looking out to the water, the easterly home has nine sets of Integrated Doors, which are installed in the living and dining areas downstairs, as well as in the bedrooms upstairs. Jody says, “When you look outside with the doors open there is nothing blocking your view… that flow from inside to outside is just effortless.” 

Ivan Kattan