It’s in the nothingness

Architect Stuart Vokes provides an insight to why doors and windows play an important role is connecting the homeowner to the outdoors.

Being the co-owner of a leading architecture practice as well as a university teacher, Stuart Vokes has studied the evolution of architecture through the centuries.

Critical to this evolution has been breakthroughs in windows and doors. “You can trace the history of modern architecture through all of the innovations that have occurred in windows and doors and openings in walls,” says Stuart.

“Modern architecture’s great motif is the linear ribbon window. With the industrial revolution and the advent of steel, one was able to create these amazingly wide apertures,” says Stuart.

And as Stuart says, it’s the simplicity of these beautiful, grand openings that is so captivating. “The thing about doors and windows is it’s in their nothingness that makes them fantastic,” says Stuart.
“These grand, fantastic openings... allow us to make great connections between the interior of a building and the exterior,” says Stuart.

Stuart highlights that being connected to the outdoors is an important need for people. “It is argued that humans have a biological predisposition to seek natural environments... I think this is an enduring psychological need – one never tires of a view to a tree, a cloud, or the stars.”

Centor interviews architect Stuart Vokes about putting focus on inside outside living
Centor interviews architect Stuart Vokes