Banish insects with Centor’s S2 Screen

Banish insects with Centor’s S2 Screen

Centor’s new retractable screening system can be fitted to new or existing doors to allow fresh air and cooling breezes to be enjoyed without the worry of insects.

Centor has launched a hardwearing, horizontal insect screening system, the S2 which is available to order from this summer. It can be fitted to either new or existing doors and windows, and enables homeowners to enjoy fresh air and an outside connection without being bothered by pests like wasps, flies, or moths.

When not in use, the S2 Screen retracts completely into its frame leaving nothing visible to interrupt the view or inhibit peoples’ movement between the inside and out. This vanishing from view capability is an important feature on an item used only seasonally.

The S2 Screen can be fixed to the interior or exterior of all kinds of openings. Its compact design means it is easily paired with new doors and windows during renovations, extensions or new builds, or retrofitted to existing doors and windows. It can span openings from as small as 25 3/16” (640mm) wide x by 27 9/16" (1200mm) high, to as large as 51 1/8” (2600mm) wide x 124" (3150mm) high.

The S2 Screen’s durable aluminium frame comes as standard in either white, bronze or clear anodized, with custom colors available on request. The durable charcoal-colored mesh comes in two types; standard weave for larger insects like moths and wasps, and tight weave for smaller pests like midges.

The robust S2 Screen glides horizontally across openings with just one finger and is load balanced to stay open in any position. Removable covers on the screen mechanism enable any cleaning or servicing to be easily done.