Centor launches S6 screen and shade system for windows

Now available in North America: Centor's popular screens and shades for windows.

Centor has launched the S6 top-down retractable screen system to the North American Market at the International Builders Show.

The S6 Screen is a chain driven, manual, top-down retractable screen system. Installed on the interior of window units, the S6 options include insect mesh, sun-filtering shade and blockout blinds.

Known for its discreet architecture appearance the S6 features a slim aluminum frame which can be custom colored to match your existing decor. It can be paired with new or existing windows and fits casement, sliding, folding, double-hung, louvre or awning styles. What's more you can nest two S6 screens together to create a duo solution - insect mesh in one and shade in the other.

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