Specify Integrated Folding, Double-swing and Single Doors easily with our comprehensive, CSI approved Specification Guide. The 3-part Centor Integrated Door Specification outlines:

  1. General information including, performance requirements, standards, delivery and warranty.
  2. Product options including, door types, finishes, material choices and glazing packages.
  3. Execution information including, construction preparation, installation, cleaning and protection.

ARCAT’s industry recognized Specification Guide ensures Centor Integrated Doors are detailed accurately, giving you confidence that the intended product will be supplied as per your design intent and required standards. Using clear, standardized language, the CSI specification limits miscommunication between all parties involved in the construction process. As a specifier, you can be confident that you will get the doors you want and installed as Centor intended.

All of this reduces the chance for problems to arise during installation and gives you more reasons to choose Centor Integrated Doors for your project.

The specification guide is available in variety of formats via Centor and ARCAT.