The world is beautiful and that’s why we believe in connecting with the outside. 

As the United States enters its coldest time of year, it is reassuring to know that Centor Integrated Doors are engineered to withstand even the most severe conditions with a U-factor rating of 0.23 Btu/h ft²-°F when triple-glazed. Even more impressive, doors that include an integrated shade were awarded a 0.19 Btu/h ft²-°F U-factor when the shade was drawn.

Built for all climates, these results mean Integrated Doors can be installed across the United States in accordance with the Energy Star Efficiency program. The superior thermal performance of Integrated Doors can be attributed to a solid thermally-improved aluminium construction with a solid wood layer on the interior. These furniture-grade doors are designed for both beauty and comfort day in, day out and for years to come.