As artists, Brad Johnson and Julie Beeler use the natural landscape to influence their work. The home and studio they have built on an 18-acre site in Washington reflects their desire for a getaway close to the city that benefits from spectacular views. 

“We always dreamed of a home where we could entertain friends in a place that was like a retreat from the city,” adds Brad. “Now we have great views of the mountain and the river, and we can hear the river all the time too.”

The striking design of their new property was originally inspired by a twilight kayaking trip in the nearby San Juan Islands.

“It was a beautiful night, and we spotted a fantastic-looking steel roofline in the distance on the edge of the cliff,” explains Brad. “It was very enigmatic and mysterious, which we loved. We always thought, if we ever build a house, using something like that would be really cool. But we couldn’t find out anything more about it, because we could never find it by land! 

“Years later, we saw some similar buildings in a place called the Rolling Huts in eastern Washington, and we discovered the name of the architect, Tom Kundig. We got lots of his books, and in there we found details of the original place that we had seen – and we decided then that we wanted to work with Kundig on our house.”

“It’s turning this
whole structure into a
screened-in porch!”