203 Integrated French Door

The Centor 203 Integrated French Door features a clean look, with equal-sized panels and simple lines. With a solid timber interior and thermally-improved aluminium construction, our 203 French Door will perfectly frame any view.

For inside-outside living without the compromises, Centor’s 203 Integrated French Door incorporates built-in screens and blinds to control insects, sunlight and privacy. Our shades also enhance the thermal properties of the door, with independent tests showing that the blackout shade improves the U-value by 17% when drawn across the opening.

  • Timber interior in two unfinished options or primed for painting.
  • Aluminium exterior available in a range of popular colours or specify your preference.
  • Engineered to last a lifetime – extrusions are painted after cutting and machining to ensure all surfaces are coated.
  • Hidden hardware including Access AutoLatch™ and AutoLatch™.
  • Integrated insect screens and blinds are accessible for service or replacement. 
  • Screen box facings are available to enable simple installation into an existing opening.
  • Double glazing available.
Overall frame width
1444 - 2334mm
Visible frame width
1224 - 2114mm
Frame height
1987 - 2884mm
Panel width
575 - 1000mm
Integrated French Door Diagram
Access AutoLatch™

Centor’s latest locking innovation, the Access AutoLatch™, replaces the traditional entrance handle with a concealed version that’s hidden from view in the door stile.

The lever is simply lifted to open the doors from the inside. A ‘signifier’ on the face of the panel hints at the lever’s location.
On the exterior, a slimline vertical pull-handle allows panels to be opened with ease.

The Centor AutoLatch™ is used to close and secure intermediate panels in one movement, with one hand. It is available keyed or non-keyed.

Centor AutoLatch™
Integrated screens and blinds

Built into the door frame, our innovative integrated insect screens and blinds are a world-first offering. They allow homeowners to enjoy inside-outside living without the compromises traditionally associated with large openings – insects, glare and loss of privacy.

Screens for Centor Integrated Doors are available in two mesh types to keep insects out while enjoying fresh air
Choose between two mesh types to keep insects out while enjoying fresh air – like Heather: “The insect screen is particularly great. Some mornings, I’ll just open two panels of the door, slide the screen across and the whole house benefits from a free flow of fresh air. It’s not intrusive at all.”
Blinds for Integrated Doors are available in two patterns and a range of colours
Available in two patterns and a range of colours, our light-filtering and blackout blinds retract from sight when not is use – which really appealed to Paul in Surrey: “They’re neatly concealed in the end reveals... and when they’re not being used you don’t know they are there. It’s very clever design.”

Architectural details

203 French Outward Opening, 200mm sill
Folding handle heights

Construction details

150mm Block Wall
200mm Block Wall
Brick Veneer Wall
Stud Wall