Centor S6 screen and blind for aluminium windows

The Centor S6 is an aluminium system for insect screens or blinds. It can be paired with many window styles, including louvres, up to 1800mm high. The unobtrusive chain-operated system is simply rolled away when not needed, keeping views to the outside clear and allowing windows to be easily cleaned. Nest two S6 Screens together to create a duo solution – try insect mesh in one and a blockout blind in the other.

  • Pair with new windows or retrofit to existing
  • Slim aluminium frame allows for face mounting to window 
  • The ball-chain hangs from the underneath of the head cover with the narrow vertical guides set back from the face
  • Order as a kit in selected heights and widths to be cut to size
  • Screen rail is finished in black powdercoat
  • Fibreglass screen mesh available in charcoal
  • Blinds are available in Sun filter, made from fibreglass/PVC, to match Centor S1 or Blockout, made from polyester.
  • Screens and blinds are accessible for servicing or replacement
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
Frame height
300 – 1800mm
Frame width
500 – 2400mm (Insect screen, Sun filter blind)
500 – 1800mm (Blockout blind)

S6 is supplied in standard sized kits that are required to be cut down to size if necessary by the installer/fabricator/joiner. Contact your local Centor Screen Dealer for more information.

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