Sliding patio door hardware

A system for sliding doors, running on a parallel or single track.
Centor sliding door hardware used internally for an office space
Sliding patio door hardware

Our founder, Frank Spork, established Centor in 1951 with the goal of creating the best sliding patio door track available. This same dedication to outstanding quality and enduring performance is still present in Centor’s sliding track systems over six decades later. 

Every Centor sliding door system operates with the touch of a fingertip and is backed by a 10-year warranty. There is a Centor sliding system for almost every application – from fully weather-sealed exterior use to lightweight internal systems.

Centor A6 sliding carrier
Backed by 68-years of engineering excellence Centor sliding hardware will work for years to come
Choose from options for internal and external doors, shutters, barn doors and moisture resistant cavity sliders
Fingertip operation
Fingertip operation
Centor's reputation was established on 'fingertip operation' with sliding systems that glide effortlessly
System selection
Find the right sliding hardware solution for your door or window.
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A14 WS E3S E4S A6 A9S A9T CF
Max panel weight (kg) 175 150 300 400 300 60 60 60
Max panel height (mm) 3000 2400 4000 4000 4000 3000 3000 2340
Max panel width (mm) 4000 1500 3000 3000 6000 1500 1200
Panel thickness (mm) 38 50
Internal use Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
External use Yes Yes Yes Yes
External sliding

With phenomenal carrying capacity across four unique systems Centor’s external sliding range makes even the most imposing external door slide open and closed with surprising ease.

A14 and WS bring choice to multi-panel sliding arrangements. E3S and E4S adapt the smoothly operating, ultra-reliable components from their original bifold systems to sliding applications, with concealed, functional door hardware with unprecedented carrying capacity. 

WS Centor sliding system
Internal sliding

Four sliding systems aimed at indoor use provide even more choice for the specifier. A9S and A9T provide numerous configuration options for panels to 60 kilograms. The classic open rail design of Centor A6 provides a rugged industrial look high on aesthetic appeal as well as robust functionality. With capacity for parallel sliding panels up to 250 kilograms and three by four metres in size, Centor A14 allows the removal or replacement of a solid wall in seconds.

Centor A9T internal sliding system